Why are drugs used at raves? Being sober at a rave(party) is awesome to me. It's about P.L.U.R., not drugs. I've done all there is to do as far as drugs go, But now sober(except BUD),and I LOVE to party CLEAN. Because that's what raving is all about to me. That's what it should be about for everyone in the undergroud family, because we're all family!!!!! RIGHT?!!!

DJ Vibe Master

I just want to say that it takes some people a long time to get over the drug phase while raving. I still won't go to a rave and it's been almost three years since I have done any E or Acid. I would really like to go to a rave, but I am afraid that I will be tempted to do drugs again. And I don't want to mess up my life with drugs again. :)(:

I have been sober for over a year now and even when I did do drugs I NEVER needed to get f-ed up to go to a party. I started going to parties long before I ever tried xtc. I actually prefer to go to a rave sober.

its all about the music and vibe!!! i've been a fry-baby and sat on the edge of e-tardation!!! i don't see any thing wrong with experimentation, everone on this planet should try it all at least once (psyadelics for shure!!) now back to the bigg picture. people make there oun desions in life (enhansment being the key thought) the rave is a safe place for these kids to experiment! where there are people that have been down that road, so my friend above don't be afraid any more help be a mentor to the kids bhiend you!!! keep the vibe alive we'll alwas be kids at heart!!! :)

I am afraid im always fooked and cant go a weekend without being mongo'ed. oh dear oh dear!


I feel the same way its about the music, when did ever become about the drugs?i dont know .i had a hard time for two years of over dosing and watching people overdose or die.so sad .i found GOD thankfully,i still love the music .looking for sobercrowd to kickit at parties with.

I have been sober now for over two years (thats totally sober...none of that "pot and alcohole are not drugs" bullshit)I love jungle, i love good hard house, i love dancing-battling-and the whole scene...yet, there are some major misconceptions when it comes to the philosophy and psychology of any underground subculture that involves drug use. Its a fucked up part of our society- addiction is a real thing; it seeks, kills, and destroys. The most twisted part is that when we are in it we think we are winning some how; We think that by eating some pill or tab, and feeling that hightened sense of consciousness,we are reaching enlightenment. But in accuality we are merely catching a fabricated glimps of what is realy a spiritual experience. And because it is fabricate, fake, false, it leaves us hungry on the flipped side of the looking glass; eager to grasp what is on the other side. So, we dig harder and deeper, using more and harder drugs...untill finally it hits us, possibly in the form of some bad trip or hospital visit. The reality strikes that the whole time we were being played; we, trying so hard to just be unique, against the grain; We the individual, the teenager finding himself... are a number; a statistic, a mark on some rich guys black board. Another hippie, another gangster, another fucking raver. Drugs turned our scene into a cess-pool of statistics.

Be a real fucking headstrong junglist, party kid, whatever...Be you...dance...pray...sing...paint...love!

I agree to no end~! It's sad when people use drugs to get the high the music should bring. =;.;=

Don't be naive. Without the drugs, the scene would have never happened. It's as much about drugs as it is about the music. This is from a dj who has been playing since 94'.

i just started going to raves and every single person there is either rolling or about to roll the only people i have ever seen at a rave that isnt on drugs is Security, or undercovers.

its not ABOUT the drugs. but the drugs give u the energy and stamina that u simply cant maintain when straight, to keep on keepin on. Dont be naive people. Please dont tell me you could stomp to happy hardcore without missing a beat for hours on end without something to keep you energised? Yeh Right. Jesska

man you all sound like a bunch of drunks at a aa meet man if you dont like the drugs dont take them if you do then take them the drugs r the for ppl who dont like to drink coz thats when the shit hits the fan like me i take the drugs coz the help with the enrgy i need to dance for so long if i didnt have speed i would b there for like half a song and need a rest now i can go for like 2 songs (lil drink braks in between) and i love it and i love to see ppl who dont take drugs goood for them but it each to ther own i say .

take X or dont take X its up to you


Raves are all about drugs a rave is a society that welcomes any form of individuality, drugs show you how fun times can be.Sure drugs are bad for your health but they are good for life why live if you cant have the most fun doing it you know what i mean


Im a junglist, i drink alchohol and i smoke weed at raves. I can rave out non-stop with a few breaks to go smoke and have a drink. Im not super physically fit, but the music does something to me so anybody who needs anything harder to get the stamina its probably a bit more about the buzz from the drug and not the music.

As a wise man once said "stamina stamina stamina stamina, IN your body, body" not "in the E".

Alot of people ask me what im on and i always tell them the same thing "nothing but pure love for the music and vibes"

any of you that are saying the positive attributes of shards miss the biggest truth of all. SHARDS ARE WHAT HAS KILLED THE SCENE. PERIOD. I am rave promoter in Atlanta, GA and I work everyday to rebuild the damage shards have done to out scene.

BigDaddy Prod.-
Atlanta, GA

I went to my first rave sober. I didn't understand it, and I had a horrible time. I swore I would never go to another rave again. Eventually, I broke down and went to another rave and I tok xtc for the first time. It totally changed my perspective on raves. I think it changed my life for the better. I'm a better person now that I do drugs occasionally then before. Drugs help break down barriers inside of you so you can get to the core of who you really are. I rave sober too, now that I understand. But how can drugs be so horrible if they make me a better person?

Ive done plenty of everything at raves since circa 98. im now 29 and I find if you cant listen to the music off of psychedilics, etc you dont really appreciate the music. Most of you said you like it but "it" makes everything else including the music better than it is without it, I agree with this. Especially Trance, dubstep and dnb are straight fine without any shit, but motherfucking trance needs a little help.

But if you think that someone in great shape vs someone on speed, x, molly, etc have more energy your flat wrong. The problem is your average raver probably doesnt run 2 miles a day, performs upper body one day,and lower body the next therefore you need shit to keep you going. Most Americans follow this philosophy daily anyhow, its called coffee/ energy drinks.

Point is dont let the drugs control the music you listen to, allow them to enhance the already wonderful experience, besides I loved and still love getting random ass from chicks rollin their asses off.

Raves aren't just about the drugs and the music. Those are both just parts of the scene. I believe it's about people! People having a great time together! It's a place where everyone can forget about there problems for a little bit and just dance! It's a place to let yourself go, a place to interact with other people, a place filled with good fucking vibes! So you can debate about whether its about the drugs or the music all you want. but at the end of the day thats a simple look at it and a matter of an opinion because whats the real answer here? It depends who you are and your experience, raves are like art.. its one piece of art but everyone takes a different meaning from it. Anyway thats my opinion and I would gladly rave with anyone sober or not! as long as they practice PLUR and are looking to have a fucking spectacular time! :)

I remember the first rave I went to (sober), well was a psytrance night. I had heard and digged dubstep, electro and glitch hop but never psytrance. Walked into the rave and didn't know what to make of the music, and the security guard sold us m for the next night! Saw lots of mashed people but later started getting into it after a few beers.

Skip forward to where I am now, Twilights "Bass Walk" blasting on my fucking sound system. Raves are not about the drugs but the drugs definitely helped me understand the rave. if that makes any sense?

Best not to over analyze, shat up and dance! .

Raves are just amaaazing!
I first tried xtc at a beach rave and it was the best night of my life. I felt so good to dance and go nuts with everyone there cause all of them were also tripping balls. Do drugs or don't but trust me it sure did make me a better person.

Rave safe xx
Deep house;)

I recently started raving with friends who do drugs. I've never done drugs, and I rarely drink alcohol (never been drunk). I really enjoy myself sober and I have the energy and stamina keep up (last rave was 8 hours long). Everyone starts crashing and I'm still going. I guess it's different for everyone. If you let go and open yourself - your mind - to the people and energy around you, and live in the moment, you can achieve a natural high. Maybe because I've never done drugs that my sensitivity to pleasure is elevated? I love the experience, the music, being in the company of friends, and interacting with different people.

What troubles me about recreational drugs (besides any health dangers) is the dependance on them. I read comments by people who say they could rave sober and have fun but do drugs because it makes it even better. I know a lot of people who can't have fun sober anymore after doing drugs. They need to be high everyday, not only when they party. This, above all else, is why I don't want to do drugs. I never want to be like that.

I have always seen drugs as a way to amplify an already good thing. If there are bad vibes at an event I won't drop anything. If the music and ambient vibe of the event is good, I'll drop. The additional energy and increased sensitivity of all my senses makes for an incredibly good time.  By the end of the event I've come back down and ready to return to the 'real' world.

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