The Growing Rave Scene

The rave scene has been blowing up lately, and it’s only going to get bigger. With more massives popping up each year, hosting the hottest Dj’s from all over the world, it’s safe to say that the rave scene is here to stay.

Many people don’t understand why the rave scene, with its glow sticks and whatnot, is making such a strong comeback (especially in the West). Well, I’d say it’s thanks to the advancements in technology. Turntables have become machines that create beautiful beats and music like never before. There has also been a boom of talented producers and Dj’s that make it all come together.

Proof of the scene’s growing popularity lies in the statistics. In 2007, Tiesto had over 200,000 people come to see him at Inpanema Beach in Rio de Janeiro. The Electric Daisy Carnival in 2008 recorded more than 70,000 people in attendance. I remember the days when I could get into a massive without waiting in a line… Those days are definitely gone!

But that’s good news, since it means that there are more massives than ever. We have Audiotistic coming up in San Bernardino. We have Hollywood clubs hosting the best DJ’s almost every day of the week. And of course, at these events, there are not only big names like Armin van Buuren, Tiesto, and Kaskade, but also new up-and-coming Dj’s like DJ Bruske.

More raves, more Djs, and more dance music lovers each year. Numbers don’t lie, folks, and by the looks of these stats, I’d say that the dance culture is one epidemic that won’t be ending anytime soon!

-Arnold Yu

I kinda disagree that its a good thing because its more of a trend to those making the scene grow. its the new cool thing for high school kids. i barely started raving last august of 08. even then it wasnt as big as it is now. my first raves were full of beautiful vibez, but as i went to more and more raves, i could immidiately tell that something was wrong because some people that go for the fuck of it bring their shady vibez that you find at flyer/house parties... i hope those shady new people realize what raves are all about so they could turn those vibez around. i also hope that those new people stop abusing drugs. ive seen little 15 year olds rolling like crazy. takin as many as 6,7. thats insane!!! i really hope they find their limit.... old skoo ravers that i talk to tell me its not the same as before. that it used to be better and there was more plur. i want it to be like that at every rave. itll be beautiful to see all the new ravers find what i found at my first rave. THE MEANING OF LIFE. THE MEANING OF SMILING AT A PASSERBYER AND SAYING HELLO. DANCING ON THE DANCEFLOOR AS ONE. CREATING A WORLD THAT IN REALITY IS IMPOSSIBLE TO CREATE.

I have to agree with you on it currently being a trend. I've seen and heard so many beginners not even undertand or muchless even heard of plur. When it all goes down like disco, ruined by those who see lights and hear noise and go on about thier mundain lives, we will be the "wise ones" the ones who are invisble to the side in an oversized hood only seen by those who understand ;-)

The reason why ppl don't even klnow what PLUR even is anymore is because NO ONE IS BRINGING THESE NEW KIDS IN. They arent taught PLUR values from the outset. No wonder they think its a drug party.

ok so I totally think thatit isnt a craze yea the new kids that are coming in dont really know what its all about, like you said creating a \world that is impossible and dancing like your the only one there, drugs do play a small roll lol in it but thats to open up the mind to let the beats and beautiful music in.

Having been going to parties since 1998 off and on. Im not so sure the scene has gotten any larger. But just way more commercial. Well i take that back, i recall attending EDC in 2001...maybe 20-30 thousand attended. This year in Vegas well over 300,000 tickets sold. But the event was full of alot of "noobs" and douche bag elements are all around. PLUR never has been anything I was interested. I just treat people who I would like to be treated, respect is a common thing. Right now EDM is in a healthy surge in popularity. This is fun and the new in thing for alot of youth. IT will die back down, and we can enjoy our events with less of the people who are there just to do drugs or because it's the in thing. They will go once something else trendy pops up. And as for drugs, that's always been there, in fact it seems less so than it used to be. Or maybe it's just im older now and don't notice it. Yes i do occasionally partake. But being blasted every week on pills gets old fast.

Well here is what I feel, this scene is down right beautiful. And ive been going to raves for the last 3 years or so and everytime I go all i see and feel is love. The good vibes are always there, espeically at massives and festivals. If you take a moment to look around at one of these shows all you will see is smiling faces. Even if drugs are abused at these shows, I myself take them only at these events, and I feel it brings people out of there comfort zone and allows them to let loose (sometimes for the first time.) I believe the scene will never die, it will only grow and evolve to something new, PLUR is always around us not just at raves. Peace, love, unity, respect. Its simple, edm has and is changing peoples lives. It is "feel good" music, whether its smooth and poppy house and hard hitting trap, its all the same, makes you FEEL good. How could something like that die?







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