My first rave was a Wicked Full Moon many, many years ago. That night was an epiphany for me -- a genuinely transformative experience of the highest order. I learned so much that night. It wasn't called PLUR then, but it was the same thing. A new way of loving and respecting other dancers. The sharing of a mystical bond. The union of flesh and spirit. I thought that night that I could spend an eternity with these people and be happy.

When I heard of the Wicked FMR location -- that we were going back down Highway 1 to those mystical days on the beach -- I was astonished and elated. It had been six years since a Wicked Full Moon. I never thought I'd dance on a beach near Santa Cruz to Wicked house music again.

But, I thought, can one have a renegade on those beaches now days without being busted? To help assure our success we made a special pre-dance ritual to the great god Apollo and Pan, and I left a candle burning on the outside altar when we left. The gods rewarded us with a perfect night: a radiant full moon awesomely reflected on the ocean, cloudless sky, shining stars, agreeable climate -- and absolutely no squad cars:) I mean, the party went off perfectly.

All of us driving down were from back in the day of the first Wicked FMRs. We were so charged with anticipation. Me, I got on a metaphysical roll when we got out of the car and started walking down those familiar railroad tracks, and I'm still in that place now. Non-stop bliss, brothers and sisters.

We arrived early to help with the set up. Then power up at 2 AM and those first few beats. Markie!!! A collective shout of joy went up from the crowd. The tribe was together again. Ravers under a full moon. It doesn't get any better than this.

I wondered who would be there after all these years. Familiar faces I hoped, but I was also eager to see many newbies in the tribe too. A tribe without new blood dies. Again, everything as one would hope. Lots of old friends and so many lovely new faces. But the same eclectic mix as in the old days. Hippies young and old. Costumes. New school ravers. Fire acts. Drummers. People swimming in the nude. Hip hop kids. And, to my joy, many of you from sfraves. I was really hoping some of you would experience this thing that is so important to me -- I wanted to share it with you -- so I'm very grateful to all of you who danced with us last night. Ryan and his girlfriend, Mutex, Becca, Usa (former list member and HK crew), and many more -- every one of you made the night special for us.

The music -- WELL, it is Wicked. Markie, Jeno and Garth are at their best doing a full moon. In this case, the house that Jack built was built on sand. Stronger than concrete to my mind. Jeno, that sweet shy gifted man. If you know him you know how hard it is to get him to smile. This morning he was one happy little boy. And Garth dancing about in the DJ area. People doing what they love, yes.

Visuals and special effects. Hell, you have Mother Nature. Nothing better.

My favorite thing is greeting the dawn with my tribe. The morning star was shining brightly. The moon setting in the ocean. Dawn breaks. Flights of birds. Some bats whizzing around on the cliffs. Freshness in the air. Dancing and the beats as the sun comes up. get to look into your brothers' and sisters' eyes. Really see them. And what you see is a look that is both far away and meditative, yet loving and open. Immediate connection. At that point I took a walk on the beach. Every person I met smiled with that look and said simply: "Good Morning."

We left at eight (before I wanted to, but I wasn't driving) and the party was still going down with Garth's moving house music.

It was great fun walking back up the tracks with all the happy ravers. Such a feeling of unity, of shared fun. One moment on that walk sticks in my mind. A beautiful hippy kid in a sarong was walking ahead of us. He had trouble keeping it on, and he didn't have much underneath. So we shouted to him that it was so hard for boys to keep their skirts on these days. He blushed bright red. Then we caught up with him, and he looked at us with that FMR dawn look and said, with much feeling: "Good Morning." We all hugged.

For me, folks, this is what raving is all about. These moments. You dancers. The music. And, the best, a full moon. That's why I have not stopped raving and dancing. I never will. And I hope, from the bottom of my heart, that all of you have many moments like this as you grow into a community that really is all races, all creeds, all ages -- dancing together as one.

Much Love,