We, Rie and I, started watching the tape the day we received it. After about 15 minutes the phone rang and we turned it off. The following friday night we dimmed the lights and popped in the tape.

You have gotten much more effective at portraying the vibe. We really loved your editing of effects and dancers to the musical build-ups. I particularly got a kick out of the three cardboard alien decorations in front of the dj booth.

Does everybody else with a camcorder have to point it at you?

I also thought your method of switching to a new track or dj was clever. That works a lot better than before.

Enough technical crap! The video literally transported us back to the desert. It was as if we never left. Oddly, we did not recognize many of the ravers. Are there still many from two years ago out there?

Sometime soon we are going to invite friends over to the house. Instead of playing CDs, I will put in the video and treat them to AZ Raving Ramy Style.

Thanks again
Love Peter and Rie


I just wanted to say thank you for giving me a copy of the Raving Arizona V video, you have gotten so much better with editing and the actual content. It was nice to not see anyone do drugs, because now I'm going to show the video to my mom and show her what it is really all about. I'll talk to you later.


I enjoyed the video and I also like what your doing for the scene. These videos are a piece of history in the making. Keep up the good work.

Dj Jason Patrick

hi ramy!

i just wanted to tell you that you did a great job on Raving Arizona V. you always manage to capture the essence of raves in your writing and now you've done it on video. it's a great video and i'm always popping it in the vcr. now when i can't get to a rave the rave can come to me. thank you and keep writing!

keep the PLUR alive !!!

Raving Arizona V is an excellent and extremely accurate documentary video of the Arizona Rave dance and music scene. From the clubs to the desert and mountains. Ramy's personal bond with the peeps is great.

The music is awesome, the dance is liquid, the scene is Rave.
Jim Mock

Ramy you have done a great job of capturing the feeling of the rave scene in your videos. Keep raving and i hope to see you at Power Plur Force 2.

[email protected]

The video was the real thing. Never saw anything like it. Keep the good work up!

Paul Covarrubio
[email protected]


Ramy that was a tight video. I congratulate you on a job well done. I wanna thank you for takin that picture of me, my brother and his friends. We were sitting on one of the tires at Piglets intersteller adventures. The pictures at the end of the video showing the main dj's names and stuff. Well the picture of Piglets adventures near the end was; me, my brother and his friends. I was very excited to see that. That was my very first rave!

Thanx again,
Adam Picklesimer (Draenek)


I really enjoyed Raving Arizona 5. The video shows what raves are really like. There weren't any drug overdoses or gangs like the evening news seems to focus on. I'd never seen that trick where you kind on juggle a glow stick in the air, that must be an Arizona thing.

You know my girlfriend said that the tape is perfect for doing her little aerobic workout routines to for some variety. She wasn't impressed with the girl at the end of the video with the rotating things held against her nipples. That must have been fun to shoot though!

So all in all the way you have portrayed the scene is in a very real way, unlike in hollywood films with choreographed routines or actors shimmying to a Jennifer Lopez track. There are lots of people just hanging out and having fun. I think it's the best documentary of the scene around. There is one called "Summer of Love" filmed in BC but it's all about organizing a rave.

Omg that put chills down my spine. Seriously, just looking back at that looking at how things used to be. Seeing how much me myself and my friends have changed. Wow!!!!

Peace OUt <3
[email protected]

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