Living Art Productions

...was created in the summer of 1997 and has been evolving ever since. Originally, I wanted it to be a collection of artists' portfolios for Internet display and I wanted to include chat rooms and profiles to make it a little more unique. But, soon I came to the realization that the idea wasn't practical or, should I say, too practical. More artists were creating their own web sites and within a few months, it seemed, there were more chat rooms on the Net than there were people.

So, I scratched the idea and made my own domain called Ramy's Domain which was basically the first web site I ever built. After only a couple of months, a large volume of photographs and artwork began to accumulate on there. I began getting more encouraging responses and finally decided to bring Living Art Productions back as a professional venue to promote my own work, do business and entertain people on the Internet.

I transferred samples of my work from Ramy's Domain to the Gallery section and outlined my capabilities in the Services section. I listed my prices and, with the help of a few graphics, explained my work in detail and showed the creative process. I also created the Store section to accommodate for those clients who wished to sell their products through the Net but did not want to invest in creating and maintaining their own web site.

As a hobby, I have been taking photographs at almost all the underground rave events that I've attended since I moved to Phoenix. Among these, you'll find some interesting photographic methods such as panoramic shots or flash and burn technics. The number of photographs eventually grew from hundreds to thousands and I decided to dedicate a separate section to these two of my favorite passions: raving and photography. The video feature is fairly new but, since I purchased a Hi8 camera and an external stereo microphone, I've been taking a lot more footage on tape and adding more colorful and fun documentary videos for sale in the Rave section.

I've been creating art and daydreaming ideas for as long as I can remember but, I must say the 90's have been particularly educational for me. I graduated from Iowa State University in '92 and moved to Des Moines to work as an art director for the biggest specialty ad company in town. I made a very decent salary and gained valuable lessons in working with small businesses, large corporations, service bureaus, other artists and printing companies. I experienced directing photo shoots at a moments notice or overseeing a print production at 4am. It was challenging work and the responsibility gave me strong self confidence. But, after three years of specialty product advertising and fifteen years of arctic blast, it was time to move on and learn something new. So, I tore off the necktie and moved to Phoenix to go it alone.

Certainely it has not been easy but, no good lesson is. Establishing a new business in a new town and getting the word out takes time and extra effort, specially if you're not willing to join any breakfast or golf club - I was done with the tie, remember? Still, I pressed on and slowly got to know more and more businesses in town and gained their trust and respect. And finally, I began to learn more about the Internet and web creation and began to explore and utilize its endless potentials.

Living Art Productions is the culmination of my artistic and professional education. It is more than a glorified home page. It is a business, a virtual gallery, a place for almost anyone to come and get something worth their time. This site receives thousands of visitors a month now and the numbers keep growing. It comes up on the first or second page of the main search engines under related topics. I still can't believe it has received so much attention but, all that only fuels my engine to work harder and create more art.

I've learned quite a few important lessons in the last decade but, perhaps the most important one is that a temporary effort does not bring permanent results. My connection to my client lasts only as long as the life of my creation. So, I always make sure what I create is both attractive and effective. This web site is a testament to my success as a creative artist who can also communicate with clarity. It grows and evolves as I do. I will constantly add everything I create and apply everything I learn to this venture and let it go wherever it needs to go.

...and I'd like to invite you to come join the ride once in a while:)

March 1, 1999